The Freelancer's Guild of Interesting Peoples

After all is said and done...
Fan, meet Shit

After waiting one more day, or rather night, the plan was struck. Rafiq prepared his spells and a few scrolls for the next day while Roku and Eoin rested fitfully. Hale, however, slept the night through, not waking until Rafiq told her he was ready. After waiting several agonizing hours for Wopak to leave his study and go into the locked room, Delekath finally told Hale and Rafiq “He’s gone, it’s time” at which point Rafiq cast a spell to grab the feet of the two guards outside his cell that were guarding Hale to prevent them from being able to move out of the wall of water he used to drown them. While this was going on, Eoin and Roku snuck into the camp, and got a fair distance in before being spotted. Instead of fighting their assailants, the two adventurers pulled out canisters of poison and splashed the potent material on the hobgoblins. Dragon Bile, once it gets on your skin, is incredibly potent, and downed several hobgoblins one after the other. Roku scared some goblins and Eoin took as nearly life threatening critical to the neck. After Eoin and Roku finished dispatching everyone outside, they healed up and then moved to go find Hale, who was coming out of the facility. Hale explained to them that what Rafiq did and that Wopak’s room was some kind of a communing chamber. She learned that Wopak is after the orb of blue dragonkind and that he knew all along of her connection to the Freelancer’s Guild. He knew about her friends still being alive, and that everything that went on in his camp was within his plans. He proposed that Rafiq, Wopak, and Hale could have a climactic battle, or they could let him escape. As Rafiq and Hale moved around the corner to confer privately, Wopak downed a potion and turned into gas, slipping through the cracks in the ceiling and disappearing. Searching the encampment turned out several thousand gold pieces worth of loot, as well as a gem inlaid chest. Eoin and Hale went to investigate, but as they touched it, one of the gems shot a fireball out that incinerated Eoin, and left Hale with incredibly severe burns. Fate was on Eoin’s side, and the black sand that had protected him in battle were now glassed to his bones as his body sustained itself on the plane of Shadow and he recovered as a partially Shadow-Creature after about 30 minutes. Hale drug the chest out of the complex and attempted to open it again, this time receiving a poisoned dart for her troubles, which drained her life force a significant degree.

Upon opening the chest, however, they learned that it was worth their trouble. The chest had numerous papers detailing someone named Eoin’s resurrection and the process on doing so. A life must be sacrificed to bring someone back, and a separate dead body must be present. The area must be desecrated and sprinkled with the blood of 5 children who haven’t seen evil. On the day of the Negative Solstice, the incantation must be done for 8 hours uninterrupted and then a “Raise Dead” spell must be cast, with Black Onyx instead of Diamonds as the Material component scattered about. In Wopak’s journal, Roku read aloud "To say that this experiment was a success would be an overstatement. His body is animate, but the soul is not our master’s. Alias “Eoin” is up and moving, but the transfer was not complete. Was it our sacrifice? Doubtful, considering it was a small child. Was it the incantation? Again, doubtful, seeing as how we chanted the full 8 hours, uninterrupted, on the day of the Shadow Plane Solstice. Possibly, the Raise Dead spell failed, considering our outlook. We’ve done as our Vestige commands, but Giatso believes we have to get the proper body while Asher presumes we need a more powerful life to sacrifice. The Orbs of Dragonkind could power it, but we’re still in the process of locating them. We know that a blue dragon in Stormhome has one, and Giatso thinks that he knows where the gold orb is. Asher is lording his green about, and Zahn is after the black in Kharnath with Daggeross looking for the red in Zilargo. Damn them all I’m starving! I haven’t eaten since I bound him. Food turns to dust in my mouth, and sleep eternally evades me. I am heading to Stormhome eventually, once my initial phase is complete. My plans will take me to the orb, but I have to do my part in the scheme before I can continue with my objective. I must say, I don’t mind the changes. Sure, our Vestige is a heavy handed monster, but my life was much worse before I bound him. Anyone would be driven insane by hearing whispers in the dark when there is none there. Most would accept it as insanity, or would tolerate it until they broke. Me? I sought it out, embraced it. When I came across my first binder, I spared his life in exchange for teaching me his methods. And then killed him. He had very nice possessions. When I drew my first pact symbol, the whispers became voices, and I knew contact was complete, and I sought its source. Now my Vestige with with me. I have payed my price, and now he is in control. When the Conquerer rules all, that is the end of Khoivare. My mind is no longer…….."

As they bed down to rest for the night, they received a message through their guild symbols “Wroat and every major city is under attack by hobgoblin and Maug forces. We have relocated our main base to Fort Bright in the Mournlands. We suspect treachery, so be careful who you tell. Tomi Undergallows out” or something similar.

What will our heroes do? Will they journey to Stormhome and pay Hale’s relative a visit? WIll they go to Fort Bright and see what they can uncover? Will they chase after the other names mentioned in Wopak’s journal?

Find out next week on Freelancer’s Guild of Interesting Peoples! Same dragon time, same dragon place!

The Hobgoblin That Could...Speak in Russian?
It's about asking the right questions

Two guards came into Hale‘s cell, placed a burlap sack over her head, and proceeded to lift her and carry her through the encampment to a large study where a large hobgoblin stood. There was a bookshelf lining the wall on the left with tons of books in a variety of languages, most over 50 years old. In the corner was a tactical map and in the other wall was a table, upon which laid Hale’s greataxe, which caused her no end of grief. Wopak seemed genuinely concerned for Hale’s wellbeing as he asked about her accommodations and health before delving into the real reason he called her over. “Vhat iz dis?” and “How iz it made?” were only two of the many questions he asked as he continuously questioned her. He asked about her greataxe, but more importantly, he asked about her symbol. The symbol marking her as a Freelancer initiate. Not willing to divulge this information, she evaded the question and diverted to further discussion about her greataxe. Wopak was genuinely interested in her, and offered his greatsword to her for inspection, obviously not thinking her much of a threat. She was taken aback by how light it was, and how it moved as though it had liquid inside of it, making it difficult to wield. She breathed fire on it, and saw how it heated. A mercurial greatsword! After this exchange, Wopak sent her away but not before telling her guards to gag her before taking her back. After all, a wooden jail cell wouldn’t stand much from fire, and whether Hale caused a cave in trying to escape actually mattered to Wopak now. Though I didn’t give a very good description of the mask, this is close to what it actually looks like Sulking and sullen, Hale leaned on the back wall of the cell and, ignoring Rafiq, went to sleep. Around this time, Eoinand Rokuwere putting the final nails in the coffin of their strategy (which I still don’t know and would probably be better for them if I didn’t until it happened.)

The next day, Hale was woken by guards, blindfolded, and taken through the encampment to the study once again. This time, as she was pushed through the door, Wopak was not in his usual full plate armor, and a strange sigil was on the ground, which Hale recognized as a binder sigil. One specifically tied to Savnok. Wopak told her that he was not ready for their conversation yet, and told her to wait outside until he called. Once again blindfolded and waiting for agonizingly long, Hale went through her own memories of everyone she’d encountered wearing full-plate armor, and realized that the hobgoblins in the camp all wear the exact same armor. Hale was called back in after a few minutes, and Wopak had the guards remove her gag as well. After much talk and deliberation, Wopak allowed her free reign of the camp as long as she offered her services as a blacksmith to his forces. After exploring the smithy, she discovered that the ventilation shaft led none other than the Elemental plane of Fire via a manifest zone. As she continued to explore the camp, Delakath, who had been flying overhead reporting her findings to Roku and Eoin on troop movements, came hurtling into the main camp of the party and in a rush proclaimed that she saw Hale alive and well inside the camp, but under constant guard. The imp followed her master’s orders, went invisible, and became the connection the party desperately needed to their captured ally as they finished formulating their plan.

Will Hale escape? What is Eoin and Roku’s big plan? Who is Wopak? Find out tomorrow on Freelancer’s Guild of Interesting Peoples! I hope you brought a change of clothes because things are about to get messy

Side Note: If I missed anything you guys remember being important, or at least somewhat important, let me know. I’ve forgotten what all happened last session, and I know it was a lot to take in.

Starting Over In This System Isn't So Bad...

For three days, our band of questionable heroes scared the living hell out of a herd of triceratops and stampeded them all the way to the front gates of Wopak’s encampment. However, solid objects tend to be difficult to stampede through, and spiked barricades and wooden walls with portcullises are fairly solid. So like a rock diverting water flow, the herd flowed around it. A few of the dinosaurs that couldn’t get out of the way continued forward, however. Some were skewered on the spikes, others broke and pushed through as the party announced their presence with a rather large bang. Roku stayed mostly in cover, using spells to mostly scare and intimidate while Hale charged in with her greataxe. Two hobgoblin guards met their foes, one wielding a greatsword and the other with a sword and tower shield. Several goblins on top of the walls peppered the dinosaurs (Do you have any idea how hard triceratops is to spell when you’re really tired?) with arrows while Hale and her opponent traded and dodged blows from one another. Eoin charged the tower shield bearing hobgoblin, but other than a broken nose and a dented shield, the hobgoblin stood strong. Roku managed to scare the remaining triceratops (plural) and they continued their death-charge, smashing a hole into the palisade. After a few seconds of fighting, Hale’s opponent tossed a glowing light into the air, and a few seconds later, more forces streamed out of the newly created hole in their defenses. Eoin was brought low by a crossbow bolt, but his black sand brought him back up. In the meantime, Hale’s hobgoblin leaped back and charged her with a two-handed power attack that brought her into the negatives while Roku tossed poisons into the crowd before also being brought down by crossbow bolts. Delekath proved her usefulness once again as she brought Hale back into positives with one of her own potions. Hale stood and fired off a flaming breath attack at the new horde of clumped together enemies, but aside from damaging them, none were downed. Realizing their new threat, the horde opened fire on her, once again bringing her low. After seeing how poorly the fight was going for them, and how Hale was out of reach, Eoin grabbed the BattleWagon™ and swung down Indiana-Jones-Style, grabbing Roku and disappearing into the sunset, leaving Hale’s fate to the goblinoids. Roku stabilized with the help Delekath and Eoin after a few seconds on the edge of death (-9 hit points you lucky bastard). The ranger and imp set up camp, kept watched, healed, and waited for Roku to awake after forcing a healing potion down his gullet to speed things up. Meanwhile, Hale was stabilized by someone unknown and taken away.

The next morning, Roku awoke and greeted Eoin with the same enthusiasm of a hungover college freshman who had 5-10 too many the night before. They debated for a bit before deciding to rest, recover, and then rescue. What followed were three days of planning and hoping, but not knowing if, Hale was alive.

That same morning, Hale awoke in a wooden jail cell underground with no real clothes to speak of (rags, apparently, don’t count) and a gnoll with blue glowing hands mending her wounds. “Ah good! You’re awake! I am Rafiq of the Fuzzy Peoples! And who are you?” the gnoll said. It took him a bit to get an answer. Not being one for conversation, Hale laid down and let Rafiq continue to mend her wounds. Upon finishing the healing, the gnoll reclined and watched amused as Hale dug at the earthen wall, trying to find where the iron poles in the wall went. After a few long moments, the guard came in, said something Rafiq translated as “Seriously, stop that or we’ll bind you” and then informed her that Wopak wanted to speak with her. And that is where this adventure log ends. (Next one to follow when I’m not so exhausted)

Wheels within wheels
AKA: Why I hate letting PCs go into towns, pt1

After making it to Metrol, the party took in their surroundings…which weren’t much. A broken down ruin of a lightning rail station with a few buildings here or there. After spending some time shopping, they all split and went their separate ways for a bit, hunting down specific items and the like. Roku and Eoin spoke to the Freelancers representative in the city, and checked in with him while Hale went to procure various medicinal herbs. The party spoke to Aune (the hapless red-shirt they picked up along the way) and gave him some gold, some gear, and a way into the guild. While Eoin was shopping, he was spotted by a shadowy figure in the distance. Curiosity getting the better of him, he chased after the person, only to run into a blind alley. Realizing that it might be too much for him to handle on his own, he gathered the rest of the party and tracked the observer into the sewers. Floating in the whirlpool of a clogged drain was the body of a fairly old man with a journal in his pocket. Before the party had a chance to read it, they were attacked by a female personality warforged. The battle was no challenge (Three-on-one rarely is) and they quickly subdued their assailant. In the warforged’s last moments, a blue orb of light detached itself from its chest and flew out of the open sewer grate. Alarmed by the sounds of battle, the city guard came to investigate. What they found were 3 armed individuals and 2 dead bodies. Obviously a little leery of these newcomers, but not having any substantial evidence against them, they let the party go. On the way back to the guild outpost, they crossed paths with another cloaked figure who said in passing where to get more information about what transpired in the morning. Weary from their day, the party made one last stop at the outpost, and listened to the bard perform while inquiring about the lute they found in the Mournlands. The symbol on it is from an old dragonmarked house, and is similar to Hale’s mark. Deciding that they’d had enough for one day, they party bedded down and rested until dawn.

The sun rose, everyone was still alive, and thus proceeded to The Broken Anvil, a run down inn towards the southern portion of the town. There they met Lady Elaydren of house cannith and the Freelancer’s guild. Hinting that the attack was not a mere coincidence, she told the party several interesting things:
1-The symbols of all the houses, including the Lost House, though she didn’t know its name
2-Why Wopak is waging his war (for those of you who don’t remember, he wants the rumored creation forge to create his own custom soldiers)
3-That Rafiq of the Fuzzy Peoples is an ally to the guild, though not a member.
4-That Wopak is getting funding from somewhere, but she’s not sure where
5-That the 5 nations sit on a powder keg, and that the Freelancers Guild is a shadow guild, or a guild with a hidden purpose. It’s a noble one, but hidden all the same.
6-Hobgoblins are resourceful and brutal. In the founding wars, they were cleared off these lands by Karrn the Conqueror and are the original inhabitants of Khoivarre. So Wopak may be trying to take back what he views as his.
7-Most important to the subject at hand, where Wopak is.

After discussing what they had come to discuss, Hale pulled the Lady aside and asked her about her mark, to which the Lady was shocked upon viewing. To Hale alone, she spoke of the fall of the last house, and that everyone who bears its mark has the same scar she has.

And then, after bidding their farewells, the party set off for Gatherhold to rest, restock, and set out on the road. After more than several days of travel (that the DM forgot to allot for and ended up going “So you guys are here…after several days of travel…and resting with no ambushes…and a lot of the same scenery because I haven’t described shit to you”) they came across a herd of Triceratops in the Talenta plains. 30-40 of these beasts, simply grazing in the field. However, they were in the way between the party and Wopak’s encampment, so they hatched a plan. To sum it up properly, this image works pretty well
Creepy is as creepy does
An ambush for an ambush

After departing from what used to be the tavern, the party camped in their wagon on the edge of the corpse copse (just came up with that). After an uneventful night, they packed their belongings and traveled into the forest of creepy shit. The heads and eyes on each tree turned to watch the party’s passing, mouths slightly agape. Seriously creepy stuff. Then, a few failed spot checks later (rolled in secret), the party happened upon a man hefting a greataxe stepping right into their path at a chokepoint. “Might you stop for a moment? Leave your valuables, and you leave with your life” is something along the lines of what the party believe he said shortly before attempting to overrun him with 2 horses and wagon laden down with roughly a thousand pounds of stuff. An unseen signal from the leader, and several arrows and crossbow bolts later, and said horses were dead, the cart stopped, and the party in one hell of a bad situation. Eoin disembarked from the cart to take on 3 bandits on the north side of the trail while roku ducked into the wagon and used spells to fear and charm other bandits, while also laying some pain down in the form of magic missiles. Hale initiated the combat by breathing fire into the leader’s face, and the duel of the greataxes commenced, ending in Hale’s favor before she was injured by several heavy crossbow bolts. After the party had been downed into negatives repeatedly (being brought up by medicinal herbs and some magic), the fight was over.

Looting some potions and several other well-gotten gains, the party was now faced with two issues. First, they had no horses to pull their wagon, and weren’t anywhere near enough to purchase replacements. Eoin suggested setting up their own ambush for another adventuring party which earned many laughs (particularly from the DM), but was shot down on the basis of alignment issues and time. Mostly time. Instead, this problem was solved by several exhausting hours of pushing, grunting, and in-character mumbling. The second problem was that the man Roku had charmed was suddenly uncharmed (after several hours of pushing a cart, anyone would lose their charm). So the party offered him a deal: Join us or die. It’s obvious to see which one he chose. After several hours more of pushing the wagon, the party collapsed in exhaustion and decided to bed down for the night, with no one to keep watch but Roku’s familiar. Kyoshi (sp?) flew in circles around the camp, and awoke Roku with a sense of urgency after noticing a Corpse Collector ripping up whole trees and attaching them to the several-foot long spikes that covered it. Wisely, the party laid low and let it pass before thanking their lucky stars that it didn’t notice them and went back to sleep.

Traveling once more, the group ventured out of the corpse forest, and onto an open plain with a ground more closely related to skin than dirt. Eoin noticed dark clouds on the horizon, and warned the party of an approaching storm. Aune (the hapless bandit) asked if the rain was supposed to be so dark, and the party quickly realized that it was a literal rain of arrows, and set to making the wagon into what they now call their “Battle-Wagon™”. Their preparations came not a moment too soon as the storm hit. Eoin downed a “Protection from arrows” potion and peaked outside, curiosity getting the better of him, and saw the horrible scene unfolding. Arrows forming a layer so thick it could’ve been black grass and the “skin-earth” bleeding like a red river. After several "nope"s later, he ducked back inside and reported what he had seen (earning some exp for allowing me a creepy and awesome description). Upon awaking in the morning, the party pulled loose arrows that were not broken in the storm and noted that they were covered in a rather nasty poison, and distributed them before setting off once more.

Traveling for several more hours (so pushing the cart for several more hours) Roku and Eoin noticed a band of seven halflings on dinosaur-back headed in their direction with tower shields probably a few pounds heavier from the arrows embedded in them. After some quick discussion about what to do (“All I’m saying is one long-distance arrow to the neck would do a lot for the surprise round”) the group met up with them peacefully, but warily. Realizing that no one could speak halfling, and these halflings couldn’t speak common, the halfling leader presented some papers marked with the Freelancer’s Guild’s symbol, and the party presented their symbols themselves. The caster of the halfling’s group cast “tongues” and proceeded to inform the party that they were late, and that this group of freelancers would escort them to their destination, using their mounts to pull the wagon. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is the last of the previous session. Seriously though, you guys got a lot done, and it was awesome.

Mournlands gotta Mourn
"Seriously though...fuck that place"

The adventure continues with the group continuing past the bard and his tree, and continuing on their wagon until evening, whereupon they encountered the “Last Chance Inn.” It was a charming place (good fire going, cheerful bartender, clean, and comfortable) and all seemed well, if not but a bit expensive. After paying their two silvers apiece, the party decided to bed down, but not before being enticed into a game with the bartender. A shell game of sorts, involving obvious cheating and logical thought, the bartender played 3 rounds with the party jovially and everyone was having a good time…until the rules changed. A heavy iron bar slammed across the exit, preventing the party from leaving, and when Hale swung her axe at the innkeeper, it made a whistling sound as it passed through him, revealing that he was an illusion. “How about we make a contract. You win, you are allowed to leave. You lose, and you become part of the corpse forest outside. Deal?” Oh yeah…there was a forest of corpses. Like trees made of dead bodies. So, after reviewing the contract, and signing it, the game began. Roku investigated the wooden cups, of which there were 6, for any signs of tampering while Eoin and Hale searched the bar for anything related to magnets or secret compartments. Satisfied that the only trick was the Silent Image spell used to replicate the steel marble, they huddled in the corner to come up with their plan while the bartender smugly watched from a distance. And thus they came up with the plan. Hale, using her factotum-gained sleight of hand and her increasingly useful purchase of shapesand, would will into being an exact, if but sandy, replica of the steel marble, and pocket the real one. Then Roku would cast his own silent image over the fake marble to make it seem legitimate. These steps went according to plan as Roku distracted the barkeep with pointless questions and Eoin provided physical cover with his body. After returning the marble to Pisco (the name of the bartender, which earned a few laughs at first), the game commenced. Once the bartender had finished shuffling the cups, Eoin, with his sharp hearing, instantly pointed out the cup that had the “real” marble in it, despite knowing the rules of needing to find the one without a ball. With a victorious gesture and a confident pluck of the marble, Pisco informed the party that not only did they lose, but they chose the only cup with the real marble in it…at which point it turned into sand. This confused the illusionary bartender, and then Hale explained what had happened. Angrily, the bartender unbarred the door. “The contract” he explained, smug grin gone, “stated that you would be allowed to leave. It didn’t say anything about allowing you to leave unmolested!” as 3 pseudonatural humans rose up to stop the party. Eoin couldn’t get over their odd appearances and found that scrubbing the floors for a few seconds would be a more productive use of his time than joining Hale and Roku in devastating the creatures. Once the creatures were either dead or on the run, the tavern and it’s strange occupants disappeared, leaving them on the outside of the forest. [[I’ll update the rest of this in a second log. We got so much shit done, and it was awesome]]

Humble Beginnings
Who knew "Adventurer" could be put on a resume?

Since everyone was there, I’ll be brief.

Everyone gathered for various reasons at the Tower of Stormreach to take shelter from the storm under the commonly understood notion and treaty of “Stormpeace.” Some were paid to be there, others were there by circumstance. In the end, everyone had met, and formed a group based on necessity, survival, and common goals and set off on a several day trip to Wroat, capitol city of Breland, and home of the Freelancer’s Guild of Interesting Peoples. They spent a week training and honing different skills and taking various classes before being sent on their first assignment: Rescue Rafiq of the Fuzzy Peoples from the Tyrannical leader, Wopak, and kill/capture (with no real preference) Wopak in the process. Now, they are traveling along the only safe road they know of through the Mournlands, and weird sightings and events are happening all around them. Will they survive the trip? Is everything about this job is as it seems? Is Tomi really that short? Find out this Sunday at 6:30/7:30 central.

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