The Freelancer's Guild of Interesting Peoples

After all is said and done...

Fan, meet Shit

After waiting one more day, or rather night, the plan was struck. Rafiq prepared his spells and a few scrolls for the next day while Roku and Eoin rested fitfully. Hale, however, slept the night through, not waking until Rafiq told her he was ready. After waiting several agonizing hours for Wopak to leave his study and go into the locked room, Delekath finally told Hale and Rafiq “He’s gone, it’s time” at which point Rafiq cast a spell to grab the feet of the two guards outside his cell that were guarding Hale to prevent them from being able to move out of the wall of water he used to drown them. While this was going on, Eoin and Roku snuck into the camp, and got a fair distance in before being spotted. Instead of fighting their assailants, the two adventurers pulled out canisters of poison and splashed the potent material on the hobgoblins. Dragon Bile, once it gets on your skin, is incredibly potent, and downed several hobgoblins one after the other. Roku scared some goblins and Eoin took as nearly life threatening critical to the neck. After Eoin and Roku finished dispatching everyone outside, they healed up and then moved to go find Hale, who was coming out of the facility. Hale explained to them that what Rafiq did and that Wopak’s room was some kind of a communing chamber. She learned that Wopak is after the orb of blue dragonkind and that he knew all along of her connection to the Freelancer’s Guild. He knew about her friends still being alive, and that everything that went on in his camp was within his plans. He proposed that Rafiq, Wopak, and Hale could have a climactic battle, or they could let him escape. As Rafiq and Hale moved around the corner to confer privately, Wopak downed a potion and turned into gas, slipping through the cracks in the ceiling and disappearing. Searching the encampment turned out several thousand gold pieces worth of loot, as well as a gem inlaid chest. Eoin and Hale went to investigate, but as they touched it, one of the gems shot a fireball out that incinerated Eoin, and left Hale with incredibly severe burns. Fate was on Eoin’s side, and the black sand that had protected him in battle were now glassed to his bones as his body sustained itself on the plane of Shadow and he recovered as a partially Shadow-Creature after about 30 minutes. Hale drug the chest out of the complex and attempted to open it again, this time receiving a poisoned dart for her troubles, which drained her life force a significant degree.

Upon opening the chest, however, they learned that it was worth their trouble. The chest had numerous papers detailing someone named Eoin’s resurrection and the process on doing so. A life must be sacrificed to bring someone back, and a separate dead body must be present. The area must be desecrated and sprinkled with the blood of 5 children who haven’t seen evil. On the day of the Negative Solstice, the incantation must be done for 8 hours uninterrupted and then a “Raise Dead” spell must be cast, with Black Onyx instead of Diamonds as the Material component scattered about. In Wopak’s journal, Roku read aloud "To say that this experiment was a success would be an overstatement. His body is animate, but the soul is not our master’s. Alias “Eoin” is up and moving, but the transfer was not complete. Was it our sacrifice? Doubtful, considering it was a small child. Was it the incantation? Again, doubtful, seeing as how we chanted the full 8 hours, uninterrupted, on the day of the Shadow Plane Solstice. Possibly, the Raise Dead spell failed, considering our outlook. We’ve done as our Vestige commands, but Giatso believes we have to get the proper body while Asher presumes we need a more powerful life to sacrifice. The Orbs of Dragonkind could power it, but we’re still in the process of locating them. We know that a blue dragon in Stormhome has one, and Giatso thinks that he knows where the gold orb is. Asher is lording his green about, and Zahn is after the black in Kharnath with Daggeross looking for the red in Zilargo. Damn them all I’m starving! I haven’t eaten since I bound him. Food turns to dust in my mouth, and sleep eternally evades me. I am heading to Stormhome eventually, once my initial phase is complete. My plans will take me to the orb, but I have to do my part in the scheme before I can continue with my objective. I must say, I don’t mind the changes. Sure, our Vestige is a heavy handed monster, but my life was much worse before I bound him. Anyone would be driven insane by hearing whispers in the dark when there is none there. Most would accept it as insanity, or would tolerate it until they broke. Me? I sought it out, embraced it. When I came across my first binder, I spared his life in exchange for teaching me his methods. And then killed him. He had very nice possessions. When I drew my first pact symbol, the whispers became voices, and I knew contact was complete, and I sought its source. Now my Vestige with with me. I have payed my price, and now he is in control. When the Conquerer rules all, that is the end of Khoivare. My mind is no longer…….."

As they bed down to rest for the night, they received a message through their guild symbols “Wroat and every major city is under attack by hobgoblin and Maug forces. We have relocated our main base to Fort Bright in the Mournlands. We suspect treachery, so be careful who you tell. Tomi Undergallows out” or something similar.

What will our heroes do? Will they journey to Stormhome and pay Hale’s relative a visit? WIll they go to Fort Bright and see what they can uncover? Will they chase after the other names mentioned in Wopak’s journal?

Find out next week on Freelancer’s Guild of Interesting Peoples! Same dragon time, same dragon place!



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