The Freelancer's Guild of Interesting Peoples

Starting Over In This System Isn't So Bad...


For three days, our band of questionable heroes scared the living hell out of a herd of triceratops and stampeded them all the way to the front gates of Wopak’s encampment. However, solid objects tend to be difficult to stampede through, and spiked barricades and wooden walls with portcullises are fairly solid. So like a rock diverting water flow, the herd flowed around it. A few of the dinosaurs that couldn’t get out of the way continued forward, however. Some were skewered on the spikes, others broke and pushed through as the party announced their presence with a rather large bang. Roku stayed mostly in cover, using spells to mostly scare and intimidate while Hale charged in with her greataxe. Two hobgoblin guards met their foes, one wielding a greatsword and the other with a sword and tower shield. Several goblins on top of the walls peppered the dinosaurs (Do you have any idea how hard triceratops is to spell when you’re really tired?) with arrows while Hale and her opponent traded and dodged blows from one another. Eoin charged the tower shield bearing hobgoblin, but other than a broken nose and a dented shield, the hobgoblin stood strong. Roku managed to scare the remaining triceratops (plural) and they continued their death-charge, smashing a hole into the palisade. After a few seconds of fighting, Hale’s opponent tossed a glowing light into the air, and a few seconds later, more forces streamed out of the newly created hole in their defenses. Eoin was brought low by a crossbow bolt, but his black sand brought him back up. In the meantime, Hale’s hobgoblin leaped back and charged her with a two-handed power attack that brought her into the negatives while Roku tossed poisons into the crowd before also being brought down by crossbow bolts. Delekath proved her usefulness once again as she brought Hale back into positives with one of her own potions. Hale stood and fired off a flaming breath attack at the new horde of clumped together enemies, but aside from damaging them, none were downed. Realizing their new threat, the horde opened fire on her, once again bringing her low. After seeing how poorly the fight was going for them, and how Hale was out of reach, Eoin grabbed the BattleWagon™ and swung down Indiana-Jones-Style, grabbing Roku and disappearing into the sunset, leaving Hale’s fate to the goblinoids. Roku stabilized with the help Delekath and Eoin after a few seconds on the edge of death (-9 hit points you lucky bastard). The ranger and imp set up camp, kept watched, healed, and waited for Roku to awake after forcing a healing potion down his gullet to speed things up. Meanwhile, Hale was stabilized by someone unknown and taken away.

The next morning, Roku awoke and greeted Eoin with the same enthusiasm of a hungover college freshman who had 5-10 too many the night before. They debated for a bit before deciding to rest, recover, and then rescue. What followed were three days of planning and hoping, but not knowing if, Hale was alive.

That same morning, Hale awoke in a wooden jail cell underground with no real clothes to speak of (rags, apparently, don’t count) and a gnoll with blue glowing hands mending her wounds. “Ah good! You’re awake! I am Rafiq of the Fuzzy Peoples! And who are you?” the gnoll said. It took him a bit to get an answer. Not being one for conversation, Hale laid down and let Rafiq continue to mend her wounds. Upon finishing the healing, the gnoll reclined and watched amused as Hale dug at the earthen wall, trying to find where the iron poles in the wall went. After a few long moments, the guard came in, said something Rafiq translated as “Seriously, stop that or we’ll bind you” and then informed her that Wopak wanted to speak with her. And that is where this adventure log ends. (Next one to follow when I’m not so exhausted)



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