The Freelancer's Guild of Interesting Peoples

The Hobgoblin That Could...Speak in Russian?

It's about asking the right questions

Two guards came into Hale‘s cell, placed a burlap sack over her head, and proceeded to lift her and carry her through the encampment to a large study where a large hobgoblin stood. There was a bookshelf lining the wall on the left with tons of books in a variety of languages, most over 50 years old. In the corner was a tactical map and in the other wall was a table, upon which laid Hale’s greataxe, which caused her no end of grief. Wopak seemed genuinely concerned for Hale’s wellbeing as he asked about her accommodations and health before delving into the real reason he called her over. “Vhat iz dis?” and “How iz it made?” were only two of the many questions he asked as he continuously questioned her. He asked about her greataxe, but more importantly, he asked about her symbol. The symbol marking her as a Freelancer initiate. Not willing to divulge this information, she evaded the question and diverted to further discussion about her greataxe. Wopak was genuinely interested in her, and offered his greatsword to her for inspection, obviously not thinking her much of a threat. She was taken aback by how light it was, and how it moved as though it had liquid inside of it, making it difficult to wield. She breathed fire on it, and saw how it heated. A mercurial greatsword! After this exchange, Wopak sent her away but not before telling her guards to gag her before taking her back. After all, a wooden jail cell wouldn’t stand much from fire, and whether Hale caused a cave in trying to escape actually mattered to Wopak now. Though I didn’t give a very good description of the mask, this is close to what it actually looks like Sulking and sullen, Hale leaned on the back wall of the cell and, ignoring Rafiq, went to sleep. Around this time, Eoinand Rokuwere putting the final nails in the coffin of their strategy (which I still don’t know and would probably be better for them if I didn’t until it happened.)

The next day, Hale was woken by guards, blindfolded, and taken through the encampment to the study once again. This time, as she was pushed through the door, Wopak was not in his usual full plate armor, and a strange sigil was on the ground, which Hale recognized as a binder sigil. One specifically tied to Savnok. Wopak told her that he was not ready for their conversation yet, and told her to wait outside until he called. Once again blindfolded and waiting for agonizingly long, Hale went through her own memories of everyone she’d encountered wearing full-plate armor, and realized that the hobgoblins in the camp all wear the exact same armor. Hale was called back in after a few minutes, and Wopak had the guards remove her gag as well. After much talk and deliberation, Wopak allowed her free reign of the camp as long as she offered her services as a blacksmith to his forces. After exploring the smithy, she discovered that the ventilation shaft led none other than the Elemental plane of Fire via a manifest zone. As she continued to explore the camp, Delakath, who had been flying overhead reporting her findings to Roku and Eoin on troop movements, came hurtling into the main camp of the party and in a rush proclaimed that she saw Hale alive and well inside the camp, but under constant guard. The imp followed her master’s orders, went invisible, and became the connection the party desperately needed to their captured ally as they finished formulating their plan.

Will Hale escape? What is Eoin and Roku’s big plan? Who is Wopak? Find out tomorrow on Freelancer’s Guild of Interesting Peoples! I hope you brought a change of clothes because things are about to get messy

Side Note: If I missed anything you guys remember being important, or at least somewhat important, let me know. I’ve forgotten what all happened last session, and I know it was a lot to take in.



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