The Freelancer's Guild of Interesting Peoples

Wheels within wheels

AKA: Why I hate letting PCs go into towns, pt1

After making it to Metrol, the party took in their surroundings…which weren’t much. A broken down ruin of a lightning rail station with a few buildings here or there. After spending some time shopping, they all split and went their separate ways for a bit, hunting down specific items and the like. Roku and Eoin spoke to the Freelancers representative in the city, and checked in with him while Hale went to procure various medicinal herbs. The party spoke to Aune (the hapless red-shirt they picked up along the way) and gave him some gold, some gear, and a way into the guild. While Eoin was shopping, he was spotted by a shadowy figure in the distance. Curiosity getting the better of him, he chased after the person, only to run into a blind alley. Realizing that it might be too much for him to handle on his own, he gathered the rest of the party and tracked the observer into the sewers. Floating in the whirlpool of a clogged drain was the body of a fairly old man with a journal in his pocket. Before the party had a chance to read it, they were attacked by a female personality warforged. The battle was no challenge (Three-on-one rarely is) and they quickly subdued their assailant. In the warforged’s last moments, a blue orb of light detached itself from its chest and flew out of the open sewer grate. Alarmed by the sounds of battle, the city guard came to investigate. What they found were 3 armed individuals and 2 dead bodies. Obviously a little leery of these newcomers, but not having any substantial evidence against them, they let the party go. On the way back to the guild outpost, they crossed paths with another cloaked figure who said in passing where to get more information about what transpired in the morning. Weary from their day, the party made one last stop at the outpost, and listened to the bard perform while inquiring about the lute they found in the Mournlands. The symbol on it is from an old dragonmarked house, and is similar to Hale’s mark. Deciding that they’d had enough for one day, they party bedded down and rested until dawn.

The sun rose, everyone was still alive, and thus proceeded to The Broken Anvil, a run down inn towards the southern portion of the town. There they met Lady Elaydren of house cannith and the Freelancer’s guild. Hinting that the attack was not a mere coincidence, she told the party several interesting things:
1-The symbols of all the houses, including the Lost House, though she didn’t know its name
2-Why Wopak is waging his war (for those of you who don’t remember, he wants the rumored creation forge to create his own custom soldiers)
3-That Rafiq of the Fuzzy Peoples is an ally to the guild, though not a member.
4-That Wopak is getting funding from somewhere, but she’s not sure where
5-That the 5 nations sit on a powder keg, and that the Freelancers Guild is a shadow guild, or a guild with a hidden purpose. It’s a noble one, but hidden all the same.
6-Hobgoblins are resourceful and brutal. In the founding wars, they were cleared off these lands by Karrn the Conqueror and are the original inhabitants of Khoivarre. So Wopak may be trying to take back what he views as his.
7-Most important to the subject at hand, where Wopak is.

After discussing what they had come to discuss, Hale pulled the Lady aside and asked her about her mark, to which the Lady was shocked upon viewing. To Hale alone, she spoke of the fall of the last house, and that everyone who bears its mark has the same scar she has.

And then, after bidding their farewells, the party set off for Gatherhold to rest, restock, and set out on the road. After more than several days of travel (that the DM forgot to allot for and ended up going “So you guys are here…after several days of travel…and resting with no ambushes…and a lot of the same scenery because I haven’t described shit to you”) they came across a herd of Triceratops in the Talenta plains. 30-40 of these beasts, simply grazing in the field. However, they were in the way between the party and Wopak’s encampment, so they hatched a plan. To sum it up properly, this image works pretty well



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